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Kompas Ethiopia Tour is the result of 20 years of experience within the Travel Industry. It is a private organization established by professional tour operator who has been working in the travel business for more than two decades. We are ideally located at city center along the Churchill road. Kompas Ethiopia Tour is fully licensed by Government to engage in all these activities.

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General Introduction

Ethiopia is old beyond all imaginings. It’s history goes back to the legendary history of the Queen of Sheba who went to Jerusalem to visit King Solomon from whom she born a child named Menelik the first king of Ethiopia and the founder of the Solomonic Dynasty, 1000 B.C. Ethiopia which received Christianity during the apostles was also one of the first foreign countries to offer sanctuary to the Muslims. For sure Ethiopia is anchored in ancient society. It is the heir of an eminent, marvelous history.

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Professional tour operators and guides who can speak several international languages including English, French, Spanish, Italian and German. They also have a long time experience in the field.


Well equipped with field vehicles that are quite reliable and also comfortable. These are: Four Wheel Drive Vehicles, Mini buses, Coaster buses etc. All insured on comprehensive motor insurance basis and are well maintained for reliable travels.


Adequate camping materials such as tents, sleeping bags, chairs, tables, cooking utensils, gas etc. suitable for the users. We also have good cooks to prepare food for Tourists whenever the trip involves camping.

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Kompas Ethiopia Tour's vision is to promote a unique authentic experience of our destinations in a sustainable way by respecting the local culture, preserve and make positive impact on the environment, human resource of the community at the same time keeping the resources for future generation.
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Mission Statement

Provide a unique travel experience that is sustainable inclusive, honest and transparent. We are actively working towards a sustainable tourism, with a keen focus on the people, cultural heritage and the environment.

Privacy Policy

It is our company policy that any customer data is confidential and will not be used for any promotion or other purpose. We always ask permission from our clients after completion of their trip to use their feedback and their name for our marketing purpose and once we get their ok we use it.










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Make Kompas Ethiopia Tour your choice and you can be sure your visit to Ethiopia will be enjoyable and memorable! Experience the felling of the expect the unexpected!!!